Unlock the Power of Data for Your Business

We specialize in optimizing your social media advertising and digitalization strategies with the power of data analysis.

CodedZebra Analytics

Target your audience effectively

We do not just post but we connect with your future customer. Our data-driven approach ensures that we target the right audience for your ad campaigns, boosting your ROI.
Target your audience effectively

Digitise your business

We assist you in capturing your valuable data, ensuring it becomes the heart of your operations. This approach enables for efficiently reengineer your processes, optimizing them for maximum productivity, as well as cost efficiency.
Digitise your business

Get actionable insights

CodedZebra Analytics provides you with actionable insights and data-driven recommendations to help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
Get actionable insights

Why let codedzebra handle my advertising on social media?
We do not just post but we advertise based on who is the potential buyer. We make sure that the product lands infront of you potential buyer. Our goal is to have a direct effect on your turnover.
Can codedzebra also help with costs reduction/work loads?
Absolutely! Efficiency is the key metric on this one. There may be multiple ways that can help the efficiency; be it data (information) systemized appropriately to stream line processes; to automation of reptitve jobs. it is a matter of doing a cost/benefit analysis to assess what worth it.
I am interested, what's next?
Contact us! We are happy yo meet you for a pleasant chat. We can go through your ideas and quick suggestions of what can be done. Talk is cheap; so lets do it!
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